VRSystemCenterNode "Tracker" field and navigation

The VRSystemCenterNode has the same "Tracker" field as the other 3D nodes, but this one should be carefully used.

For the moment, this field is allowed on this node for debugging purposes: set this field to a "Tracker Simulator - Mouse" will make you quickly able to move the whole system in the virtual space, like the navigations do.

But, the use of this field should stop there.
The main reason is conceptual: a tracker is positioned relatively to the VR system center. So moving the VR system center with a tracker is not consistent.

If you want to move the VRSystemCenterNode in your virtual world, then you need a navigation technique. Our default ones or a script of yours, whatever what the device input is (tracker, mouse, joystick, etc.).

The consequences of keeping the tracker field of VRSystemCenterNode set can for example be:

- Navigations are inefficient because they can't move the VRSystemCenterNode.

- Your cluster nodes are not all a the same position.

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