Virtual tracker mapping

Virtual trackers

MiddleVR allows you to create a virtual tracker, a “fake” tracker, that is not directly linked to a physical tracker.

Creating a virtual tracker allows you to set its position and orientation information as you like.

You might want to use only some axis from one existing tracker, change the scale of a tracker, fuse data from different devices, or purely generate your own tracking data.

Creating a virtual tracker

To create a virtual tracker, go to the Devices tab, click on the [+] button and select “Virtual Tracker” in the list of trackers:


Assigning a virtual tracker

You can assign this virtual tracker to a 3D node, just like a regular tracker:


Mapping a virtual tracker

Starting with MiddleVR 1.1.9, we provide a sample script that demonstrates how to select only some axis or to scale the values. You can find the script in MiddleVR/Scripts/Samples/VRVirtualTrackerMapping.cs :


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    Jeffrey Jacobson

    It works great!  Thank you!

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