Using an Intersense tracker via VRPN

Important note

Since MiddleVR 1.6, the favoured way to use Intersense devices is through the native Intersense driver.


Intersense manufactures the popular Inertia Cubes and IS-900.

You need to setup a VRPN server first.

MiddleVR ships with a VRPN server in:

C:/Program files (x86)/MiddleVR/bin/vrpn


You first need to edit the file ‘vrpn.cfg’ and uncomment (remove the #) the line:

vrpn_Tracker_InterSense Tracker0 AUTO IS900time

Then run the ‘vrpn_server.exe’

Finally in MiddleVR, add a VRPN tracker with Tracker0@localhost (if you’re running the vrpn server on the same machine).

If several trackers are used, typically with an IS-900 and especially with a wand, make sure to specify the correct number of trackers in the MiddleVR’s VRPN configuration.

Wand joystick and buttons

If you are also using the wand joystick and buttons, make sure to also uncomment both the following lines in vrpn.cfg:

vrpn_Tracker_InterSense Tracker0 AUTO IS900time /
Wand            Wand0           1       -1.0 0.0 0.0 1.0  -1.0 0.0 0.0 1.0

You should then add a VRPN Axis and a VRPN buttons using the address Wand0@localhost to access the joystick axis and buttons information.


If needed, here is how to Troubleshoot VRPN.

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