Troubleshooting the license

- First make sure to setup the license correctly.

- Make sure that you have generated the license based on the HostID of the computer that will be using it.

- When using a cluster, only the cluster server needs the license file. There is no need for a license server. The cluster server license contains the number of nodes that can be used in cluster. Make sure to generate the license by using the HostID of the cluster server.

- Are you accessing the computer through VNC or equivalent ? If yes can you try physically going on the PC and test ? Usually the licenses prevent virtual machines or remote desktops but we can change that.

- If you are using a hardware key:

- You can get more information by reading the license logs ("MiddleVR_License_Log.txt" in %tmp%/MiddleVR)

- If your license is ok and you still get “Free mode” limitations and warnings at your simulation startup see this article:

- If the checkout times are long try running the application as administrator.

- If your license checkout times are long when using a license server, check this article.

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