Troubleshooting anti-aliasing (before MiddleVR 1.4.1)


- Antialiasing is not active

- There are different anti-aliasing levels on different cluster nodes


- When using “OpenGL Quad-Buffer” or “Force DirectX > OpenGL conversion” modes, Unity’s anti-aliasing will not work: when rendering to a texture, Unity is disabling anti-aliasing. MiddleVR provides its own mechanism to work around this Unity limitation.

- MiddleVR can only provide anti-aliasing in Forward Rendering mode only.


- Make sure that the MIDDLEVR_AA environment variable is correctly set to to 0,2,4,8 on all the cluster nodes.

- Restart the MiddleVR config so the environment variable is taken into account

- If you are running your application manually, restart your file explorer (or any parent process) so the environment variable is updated.

- On a cluster, restart all MiddleVR Daemons so the environment variable is updated.


- You could use a post-processing effect from Unity. Check this article: “VR-compliant post-processing effects in Unity“.

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