Troubleshooting VRPN

How to configure a VRPN Server ?

Make sure read “What is VRPN?” and to correctly configure your VRPN server.

MiddleVR config or the Unity application can’t connect to the server


In the logs, MiddleVR reports: “No response from server for >= 3/10 seconds”.


- First make sure you have correctly configured the VRPN server.

- Then make sure you are using the correct VRPN server address. Test with a ping if your client computer can reach the server computer.

- Then make sure that you have correctly typed the VRPN tracker/axis/button name when configuring the VRPN client. This is specified in the vrpn.cfg. Warning: the device name is case sensitive!

- The firewall of the server or the client might be blocking the connection. By default, VRPN uses the port 3883. Try disabling the firewall on both computers to test if this is the cause. If it works, open port 3883 (UDP), or allow the vrpn_server.exe and your client application in your firewall.

- Did you configure your VRPN server to run on a different port? If so make sure to specify this when configuring the VRPN client.

- Try to use the vrpn_print_devices program from a DOS shell: vrpn_print_devices Tracker0@localhost

- By default VRPN uses an UDP connection. You can try using a TCP connection by specifying: device@tcp://machine:port rather than device@machine:port

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