Using the Sony HMZ-T1 in full 720p stereoscopic mode

(Thanks to John Carmack for the tip)

To be able to use the Sony HMZ-T1 in full 720p stereoscopic mode instead of the 720p side-by-side mode that divides the horizontal resolution by two.

You have to create a custom resolution in the NVidia drivers to fake the 720p 3D HDMI timings:

Horizontal Pixels: 1280

Refresh rate: 60hz

Scan Type: Progressive

Vertical lines: 1470

Color depth (BPP): 32


Standard: manual

Active pixels:  1280 Horizontal, 1470 Vertical

Front Porch: 110 Horizontal, 5 Vertical

Sync Width: 40 Horizontal, 5 Vertical

Total Pixels: 1650 Horizontal, 1500 Vertical

Then in MiddleVR, simply load the HMD-Sony-HMZ-T1-Full720p file, which is a modified Top/Bottom stereo.



- To be able to click on “Create a custom resolution”, make sure the Sony display is in Extended mode, not Clone.

- It seems the hack doesn’t always work

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