Using a Vicon tracker via VRPN


Note: Since MiddleVR 1.6, the favorite way to use a Vicon tracker is through the native drivers.

Vicon manufactures popular optical tracking systems.

There is no need to setup a VRPN server: as soon as a rigid body is defined (and saved) for a set of markers, it will be automatically streamed out via VRPN.

The name that the rigid body is given in the Vicon software is the name given to the tracker “{RigidBodyName}@{MachineName}”.

Note: Tracker is always Z Up (like in MiddleVR). The coordinate system is dependent on the orientation of the calibration frame during the static part of the system calibration. Typically, the calibration frame would be placed with the handle away from the screen, although different users may place it another way. The typical way gives +Y away from the screen. Any objects that are created will default to follow a convention of initally sharing the global coordinate system.


If needed, here is how to Troubleshoot VRPN.

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