Using a NaturalPoint Optitrack tracker via VRPN

Important note

Since MiddleVR 1.6, the favoured way of accessing Optitrack data is through the native Optitrack driver.


NaturalPoint manufactures the popular Optitrack optical tracking systems and the TrackIR cameras.

Both Motive and the older Tracking Tools software support streaming directly to VRPN.


For both Motive and Tracking Tools, make sure to enable the VRPN streaming engine in the Data Streaming Pane by checking the “Broadcast Frame Data”.

The name of the rigid body in the software is the name given to the tracker: “{RigidBodyName}@{MachineName}”.

WARNING: Make sure that the rigid body name does not contain any space!


If needed, here is how to Troubleshoot VRPN.

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