Using an ART tracker via VRPN

Important note

Since MiddleVR 1.6, the favoured way of accessing A.R.T. data is through the native A.R.T. driver.



A.R.T (Advanced Realtime Tracking) manufactures popular optical tracking systems.

In DTrack, make sure to enable data broadcasting. This will broadcast data that can then be caught and resent by VRPN.

Then make sure to read “Configuring a VRPN server“. In the vrpn.cfg file, locate the line:

#vrpn_Tracker_DTrack DTrack  5000

Remove the ‘#’ character and start the VRPN server.
The name of the tracker is DTrack@{server_address}

WARNING: The device name is case sensitive! Capital ‘D’ and capital ‘T’ !


If needed, here is how to Troubleshoot VRPN.

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