Troubleshooting the cameras / screens configuration


- The perspective doesn’t seem correct

- When you get closer to the physical screen / wall, you have the feeling that objects are getting further.


- The view from the virtual camera doesn’t match what you see in real life.

- In fact you are moving closer to the objects, but at the same time the field of view of your camera is getting wider: it is exactly like when getting closer to a real window: the closer you get the more you see. If the calibration is perfect, those two actions should perfectly counterbalance each other.


There are several things to check:

  • check that the field of view of your cameras perfectly match the field of view offered by your HMD, TV or projected screen.
  • check in MiddleVR config that the position of the camera related to the screen matches perfectly what happens in the real world: when your head is located at the center of screen, is it also in the center of the screen in MiddleVR config? When you’re close to the screen, does the distance match?
  • check the sizes of the screens (in meters), and head offsets.

In other words, calibration of the cameras / screens relative positions and orientations must be perfect!

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