MiddleVRDaemon error: “CreateProcess failed : 2″


When running a cluster application, the MiddleVR daemon complains: “CreateProcess failed: 2″.


This error means that the Daemon isn’t able to find your Unity simulation exe file to launch or doesn't have the right to launch it. Usually, this is a Windows network share rights or Windows administrator rights issue.


  • On the cluster machine where the error occurs, try to access the exe file through the file explorer from the same path (network path or local path) to check if you can access it.
  • If you can access the simulation exe file, try to close the Daemon and restart it as administrator.
  • Check the documentation on Preparing the cluster computers.


You can bypass this Windows network rights issue by using a local copy of your application on each cluster node:

  • Copy your Unity application and MiddleVR configuration file on each machine at the same local path (for example: “C:\Demos\MyDemo”).
  • In MiddleVRConfig, add the configuration file and the Unity simulation from this local path.
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