Performances issues on a laptop with Oculus Rift

The DK2 should be used with a desktop computer for performance and stability purpose. Using a laptop is possible but can easily lead to judder, low performance or screen tearing.

Here are some steps to follow to troubleshoot the Oculus DK2:

- Make sure the laptop you are using is powerful enough to run the DK2 (check that your graphics card can render and output 1080p frames at 75Hz.).

- Make sure the Windows power plan is in high performance.

- Make sure that in "NVIDIA control panel" > "Manage 3D Setting", you have select the high performance NVIDIA graphics card.

- Uninstall then do a clean NVIDIA Driver installation.

Most of the latest laptops have an NVidia technology to improve battery life: Optimus. This feature can sometimes lead to poor performance: Try to disable the laptop screen to get the Oculus Rift as the unique active screen. At this point, your configuration should be working fine. If not, please make sure you didn't miss any step.



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