"Failed to connect to" errors

First, you should have a look to the article Overview of the software communication to understand that several communication steps might be involved in the error message.

Then please check the following points:

  • Use the ping command to verify that the machines can communicate together,
  • Disable firewalls of the involved computers (you will reestablish them once your error messages are fixed),
  • Check the IP address for the IPSI Server Manager/IPSI Servers. If you installed IPSI on the same computer than MiddleVR, you just need to use "localhost" or "" as address in MiddleVR,
  • Check for conflicts with the port 5000 (for example, A.R.T.'s optical tracking systems use this port as default). If so, use the syntax "" in MiddleVR to set another port,
  • Kill and restart the IPSI Service Manager. The executable is called "IPSI_SM_SERVER.exe". You may find it (to launch it later) in "Program Files\HAPTION\IPSI\Server Manager\V2\bin". Or simply reboot the computer...




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