No haptic device found or not the expected ones

First, it is assumed that you do not see any "Failed to connect to" errors in the MiddleVR log files; fix them otherwise.

Second, should have a look to the article Overview of the software communication to understand the following explanations.

Then, please checks these points:

  • The connection mode of IPSI in MiddleVR because it can hide or show haptic devices. Some examples: the mode Desktop (mode 1) will show a SpaceMouse but not an Haption's Virtuose device. The mode Powerwall (mode 2) will hide a SpaceMouse but show an Haption's Virtuose device. The mode Immersive (mode 3) will hide a SpaceMouse and an Haption's Virtuose device but show an Haption's Inca device,
  • IPSI is not aware of available Haption's haptic devices because the program "DEVICE_CONFIGURATOR.exe" was not used yet. You can find it in the menu entry Devices Configurator of Microsoft Windows. You may also find it directly in "Program Files\HAPTION\IPSI\Server\V2.20\bin\DEVICE_CONFIGURATOR.exe". In this program you must provide the correct kind of your Haption's device and the IP address of the computer that runs the Haptic Server. The syntax to provide a port is for example "". Note that you do not need to use "DEVICE_CONFIGURATOR.exe" for a SpaceMouse: just plug it,
  • If the Haptic Server runs on the computer than runs MiddleVR, you may also attempt to restart it: use the menu entries Start HAPTIC Server/Stop HAPTIC Server of Microsoft Windows. If that fails, kill the corresponding service manually (it is called something like "SvcHaptic_virtuose_6D_n71") and restart it (the executable "HAPTIC_server_virtuose_6D_n71.exe" may be found in "Program Files\HAPTION\Haptic\virtuose_6D_n71\v5.5.4\win64"),
  • If the Haptic Server runs on the computer than runs MiddleVR, it needs to know the IP address of the haptic device. This setting is set in the registry base of Microsoft Windows. Please contact Haption if you need to modify it.
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