NVidia drivers & Windows versions recommendations

NVidia drivers for Quadro can contain bugs on active stereo, which is why we recommend to use specific NVidia drivers that have been validated by other customers.

Some versions of Windows 10 can also cause issues.


Here is the current list of known working drivers:

- 418

- 431.98

- 442.92

- 461.72

Unsupported versions:

- Other 44x, and 45x


Supported versions of Windows:

- Windows 10

- Windows 8

- Windows 7: Up-to-date with platform updates AFTER Service Pack 1.
If MiddleVR is not running on your Windows 7, please check that you have KB2999226 installed on your system.


Specific Windows 10 versions that cause issues:

- No known version causing problem at this time.


Unsupported versions of Windows:

- Windows Server 2016

- Windows Server in general

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