Frame delay


There is a visible delay between two or more screens.
- A screen or projector might buffer some images before displaying them
- There is no Quadro & Quadro sync cards
- The NVidia drivers are not correctly setup for Framelock / Genlock
- Genlock is not activated in the MiddleVR configuration
- Without a Quadro & Quadro sync cards MiddleVR can only ensure that there is maximum one frame delay. No software solution will work perfectly if you don't have this combo. The following still needs to be addressed to have maximum one frame delay.
- Make sure that the settings of your screens / projectors are all exactly the same. Some settings might have some frame delays/buffering. Ideally set some sort of "game" mode, so that there is no frame delay and the latency is minimal.
- Make sure that in the NVidia driver settings Triple buffering is turned off and Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames is set to 1
- Make sure that VSync is set to "Applications controlled" in the NVidia drivers settings
If you have Quadro & Quadro Sync cards:
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