Problems using prebuilt demos (Shadow, HomographyTool) in trial mode


I am currently trying out MiddleVR for Unity in Trial mode ( in order to assess if it can be used in my university research group for our projects. I am currently running into multiple problems und would be really grateful if somebody could help me on these.

Our environment: 4-sided CAVE, active-stereo projectors BUT with separately transferred eye signals (one input cable per eye -> projectors handle the active stereo output), so no need to handle stereoscopy on the software side. 1 master node (not a render node, but displays an "empty" viewport to give correct surround sound output) + 2 render clients (each 1xQuadro M5000 with Sync cards) which each output 4 Viewports (=2 walls in stereo). Usually we run this in 1 very wide Unity instance per node, so that synchronization overhead is low as there are only 3 Unity instances needed.


  1. performance massively worse when activating "Force DirectX -> OpenGL conversion" even on simple scenes. Is this also absolutely needed in our type of environment, since we need no QuadBuffer Stereo modes or anything?
  2. I cannot run the prebuilt projects like Shadow Demo or Homography Tool because MiddleVR says "cannot run on cluster in Free Mode", "cannot create more than 1 Viewport in Free Mode", etc., even though my Master is on the Pro Trial period (it works perfectly on projects that I built myself from Unity - maybe a 1.7 version issue?). I am using my own MiddleVR config file, but it does not work on these prebuilt projects.
  3. On an own project (driving simulation), using simple cluster option, the player car is stuttering back and forth constantly while the car is being moved, hinting at some sync issue. I guess this might be related to the "simple cluster" option not being enough to handle this scene, but just in case I wanted to mention it here. It does have a rigidbody reacting to physics and should normally be synced.


(4) Additional general question regarding devices: am I correct that it is not possibly to assign string names via the config tool to single buttons or axes (within a button / axis device)? If I understand it correctly, this would mean that I have to know before building in Unity which index a button or axis on a device will have that I need (or implement a custom solution for mapping fixed names like "AccelerationPedal" or "StartButton" to a axis/button index at startup)


Thank you very much in advance, I would appreciate any help on these issues.

Best, Patrick


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