Can't get stereo to work with Windows 10

We need some help figuring out how to get stereo working with MiddleVR on our new Windows 10 machine. It was working fine on our old Windows 7 box. Do you have a guide to walk us through getting stereo working on a windows 10 machine. The system we have running in the came is as fallows.

We have a three-walled CAVE using a single PC:
Windows 10, version 1511
Quadro M4000 card with NVIDA driver 368.86
64 Gb of DDR4 2100 RAM
Intel Core i7 Octcore 16 Thread 3.2Ghz

Here is what we have done so far

In/though the NVIDIA control panel we set the following settings:

  • Manage 3D Settings --> Global Settings --> Stereo - Enable" is set to ON. 
  • Manage 3D Settings --> Display Mode is set to "On-board DIN connector"
  • Stereoscopic 3D --> Enable stereoscopic 3D" is OFF. Doesn't seem to matter, whether it is on or off.

We are using MiddleVR 1.6 with a standard stereo CAVE setup.

  • Stereo Mode for the viewports is "OpenGL Quad-Buffer"
  • The cameras attached to all the viewports are stereoscopic
  • We are using DirectX 9.

The projectors worked with the old computer.

  • all Cortronic Z28 SS1 1080. “3D ready”
  • They are DLP projectors. We can see some effects of the sync signal when its on.
  • Stereo mode is enabled and set to “frame sequential”

The effect is mono, which must mean that we are getting the view from only one eye, which is not what happened using all the same settings in the older computer with Windows 7. With the latter, we got DLP stereo.

When I go into 3D settings and change the DLP settings to “3D DLP display” I do get a double image, but no sync signal. Is it expecting a different signal emitter?

We were using Mosaic to merge all three projectors into one (apparent) display in windows, and running it at 60hz. Oddly, when I turn off mosaic and run the screens independently, I get stereo on the left hand screen with the projector set to “frame packing” the other two are in mono. I have not had time to investigate.

What are we doing wrong? All we want at the moment is to get DLP working

Eventually, we want to use an RF sync signal. Our projectors do not support that, but I was hoping there is some device we could plug into the video card that might.


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